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Air King Heating & Cooling thrives on providing first-class HVAC products and services to New Jersey and surrounding areas. Accredited by BBB, our services are based on delivering comfort to your doorstep. From heating and air conditioning installation, service and repair, to products that improve indoor air quality, we are your reliable source for high-quality HVAC equipment and services.

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Air Conditioning Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Air King Heating & Cooling helps you choose the appropriate air conditioning unit suitable for your home. We can install entirely new systems or repair faulty/damaged equipment. Our highly-trained cooling specialists maximize the performance of your air conditioning system. When selecting for your home’s AC unit, we analyze your needs to come up with the right system that is efficient and operates on minimal electricity for reduced utility bills.

Furnace Heating Repair, Installation, and Maintenance

Our furnace heating installation and repair services keep your home cozy. Our team of adept heating system installation ensure your furnace and home heating is running efficiently to provide your home with stable temperatures all year round. We have the skills and experience to help you make informed decisions when installing or repairing your HVAC. We handle repairs and new installations of high efficiency gas, oil, and electric furnaces as well as heat pumps.

Digital Thermostats Repair, Installation and Maintenance

Save up 30% on energy costs annually by installing a Programmable Thermostat. This allows you to get higher performance from your existing heating and air conditioning without the extra cost. Our state of the art thermostats give you entirely new levels of control over your heating and cooling system and your overall home comfort. We can meet your home’s demands, ensuring optimum temperature levels and total comfort in every room of your home.

hvac installation and repair

Indoor Air Quality Services

Protect your family and home from unhealthy and damaging effects of polluted air. EPA studies show that even in the smoggiest cities, the air inside most modern homes is at least ten times more polluted than the air outside. At Air King Heating & Cooling, we offer Indoor Air Quality Products such as Media Air Cleaners, Electronic Air Cleaners, HEPA Air Cleaner, Dehumidification Systems, Bypass Humidifier, Steam Humidifier and Ultraviolet Treatment Systems to keep the air you breathe clean and healthy.

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t wait for your heating and air conditioning to malfunction at the time you need it the most! We tune up your HVAC system to keep them running efficiently and increase its longevity.

Emergency Repairs

If in any case your HVAC equipment quits working, we bring back the comfort and cozy feel of your home with our emergency repair services. Now, you don’t have to suffer the sweltering or chilling temperature.

Upgrades and Replacements

When we modify your existing system, we come up with well-crafted plan to maximize energy efficiency.

With hundreds of home serviced in New Jersey, let Air King Heating & Cooling save you from costly power bills and increase your HVAC unit’s energy efficiency.

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